Automatic bedding system

Modern livestock farms with pigs and cows have for many years tried to reduce the use of straw as much as possible due to the laborious costs of distributing straw and handling it.

In the last 10-20 years, the straw has started to return again and the reasons for this are:

For pigs

  • The pigs need something to keep them calm
  • The straw has been shown to be good for digestion in the pig stomach
  • BIOGAS, – there is no biogas in pig manure, but when it is mixed with straw, it becomes strong as a biogas material

For cows:

  • The straw keeps the udder dry when the cow I lay, which reduces udder inflammation
  • The BIOGSAS straw increases the biogas value

We can offer the fully automatic preparation and distribution of bedding straw, individually adapted with:

Capacity: 200 Kg / h 2500 Kg / h on a single line
Straw handling: Large bales, round bale, loose straw
Straw types: Wheat, oats, barley, maize, miscanthus…
Impurities: stone and steel traps
Length: Ø5 – Ø 30 mm milling guard
Quality: Sand and dust cleaning
Buffer: 4, 6 and 8 m3 Buffer silo system with mixing function
Filling chain system: Ø 70 mm chain conveyor up to Ø300 mm

We have 60 years of experience with straw.

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