The LMX silo is a closed buffer and mixer – live bin, similar as the MTX_BS

LMX is made as a light version for straw material only, bulk density below 100 kg/m3, and is not as expensive as the MTX


The two augers are filled in the rear of the machine. The augers transport the material to the top. At the top is the material either taken out or reversed to the back of the machine by the molehill in the top.

It is possible to have various different auger sizes mounted on the outlet of the auger, with the shutter opening in a constant open position, this allows very precise material metering, by using the auger speed as metering solution.

The machine can also be placed on load cells with a weight control system

The machine can be delivered as effective 22, 30, 42, 50 and 60 m3