High mixing coefficient with Multimix

The feed material is charged to the mixer at the bottom end and transported by the two screws to the top of the mixer, where an oppositely directed auger winding and plates pushes the material up into a “molehill” and it naturally falls back into the mixer.

The mixing of the different materials is actually made in the molehill and the fall-back into the mixer. When filling the mixer one first fills the small quantities (concentrates), and then fill the large more volumes forage material into the mixer. This ensures that minerals and vitamins are evenly distributed throughout the mixture.
This mixing principle has over the years proven itself in all test trials and has the best mixing re-sults, optimal feed structure.

The diagonal mixing angle ensures a low energy cost and a gentle handling of the materials, this principle ensures that there is no musing of the material.
There is no proven knowledge of how gentle processing of the food must be, but there is likely a connection between energy consumption and musing rate of the feed. Overall it is a problem for all mixers if you mix for a too long period.