For automatic loading we recommend the Cormall BT 170 loading conveyor.


Standard length of the feed table is 5 meters, but we have
supplied tables up to 50 m long. The standard width of the
tables is 1700 mm. Two heavy conveying chains with cross
slats move the bales towards the shredder.

A sensor at the end of the tables adjusts the feed rate.

Motor size for the transmissions is 2,2 kW gearmotor.

The bale conveyer system is a receiver and conveying table for straw bales and can also be used for loose straw. The conveyer is working with chain and slat system that covers full width of the conveying direction and is used for filling into a bale breaker, straw shredder or other device. The min. length is 2,5 meter, normally not shorter than 5 meter, longest length is up to 10 meter, (12,5 possible). The conveyer is buildup of sections at 2,5 meter in length.


Higher, horizontal conveyors can be provided with a
gangway/catwalk for the removal of strings and the
inspection of the tables.