The straw cyclone works like any other cyclone, with material coming in at the top at a tangent, the speed of the material pushes it against the side and gravity makes the material go down in side while air can go out through the centre pipe.
The design is made different from normal cyclones to handle the low density and bulky straw material, by making it larger in diameter and with a larger bottom to prevent bridging of material inside the cyclone.
At the centre of the cyclone is placed an air pipe made of screen steel material with Ø3 mm holes, thus helping to take out air without taking straw out, and to make a quicker reduction in air speed inside the cyclone. At the bottom of the centre pipe is placed an adjustable screen plate that hold back straw from being sucked out into the filter, only dusty and light material is going out together with the air. Cyclones can be supplied with dimeters from Ø700 up to Ø2400, for air flow capacities from 3.000 – 40.000 m3