Spark detection is designed to prevent a fire or possible explosion, which is under development, by detecting a change in the system, and spraying water into the piping system. The plant works in two levels:
1. Prevention – sprays water
2. Alarm, – closes system
The system is designed to be fail-safe, and also works in the event of a power failure.

The system works by 2 cameras detecting light levels inside the transport pipe,
these are mounted opposite each other at the outlet from the hammer mill.

The light-sensitive cameras are connected to a controller which is equipped with a battery backup in the event of a power failure.
At level 1, the control ensures that a water valve is opened so that water is sprayed into the transport pipe.
At level 2, the system sprays water and gives an I / O to close down the operating system.
The controller also monitors water and power supply, and gives an alarm if there is a fault in this.

The water nozzle is mounted on top of the pipe at the inlet to a cyclone or filter, 1 meter before.
The nozzle itself is mounted flat with the inside diameter of the pipe, so that material passage in the pipe is not prevented.

Placement of water nozzle on a filter.

The system is supplied with a 50-liter water tank and a pressure pump, which ensures that there is always pressure on the system.
All fittings etc., and correct hole drilling tool for the installation of sensors and nozzle are included.