Feed kitchen; automatic

Feed kitchen

For dairy farms with more than 800 cows and up to 20.000 cows.

Cormall has developed a dairy feed kitchen system, for central mixing and distribution of TMR mixtures. This system splits up the job in  1. Mixing, and 2. Distribution. The advantage from this system is the time saving when mixtures are being prepared and made ready, while another person is distributing the mixture and feed out to the animals at the same time. No waiting time for filling in components and mixing time, this is all done full automatic and very exact. There is also a big energy savings in this system compared to self-propelled mixers, that consume allot of diesel, the automatic and electric kitchen system works at a much lower energy consumption.

Automatic filling and mixing management

The Cormall dairy feed kitchen system is provided with:

  • Fully automatic re-fill system
  • Feed and recipe management system
  • Remote access for recipe changes
  • Inventory stock management
  • System surveillance
  • Remote control for loading into feeder wagon
  • Message system for wagon driver: 1) Mix in wagon – 2) Group no. to feed
  • Data logging

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