At Cormall we have developed solutions with our mixer for the use of breaking down and mixing various feed and candy
residues so these materials can be turned into a new and valuable animal feed.

Bread and cookie leftovers: Old bread and bakery leftovers can be constant filled into the mixer, where it is broken down and feed into the next process, or just prepare as a batch with mixtures

The mixer brakes down the bread and crumples it with its augers, knives can be fit onto the augers to speed up this process if needed.

At strong replaceable screen is fit over the outlet from the mixer, only the crumples that are small enough will go through the screen and out of the mixer, larger crumples will be pushed upwards and fall back into the mixer to take another round.

The end result can be almost as fine as you want, depending on the hole size in the screen.We can also supply the milling technology to make it as fine as you need it.

Vine gum, chocolate, candy…, residue:
The mixer is very good at handling large bulks of production failed vine gum, and many other candy products, the picture is showing 800 kg of cherry vine gum

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