The Cormall dust extraction unit type DE is suitable for effective cleaning of chopped straw.

With a Cormall dust extraction unit is it possible to chop straw compatible  with the environment. Straw dust is unhealthy for human beings and animals.

Chopped straw, which has been cleaned is very suitable af a bedding material  and applications are also to be found within the industrial sector. Cormall dust  extraction unit can be fitted almost anywhere, and is a construction which saves  built-in height.

The dust extraction unit has a replaceable dust screen. As extra equipment, a range of dust screens is available for different extraction  grades.

The Straw Dust Extraction is made with a screen that can be changed for variation of screening. The dust extraction unit can be used for:
Taking the dust out of the material, Sand extraction before briquetting etc. or Straw screening/fragmentation
A small auger collects the screened material below the screen.
The DEU auger can be delivered in auger size Ø500, Ø600 and Ø800 mm, EXAMPLE: Ø500 DEU (under the a rotor valve feeding to a bale packing machine):
Material density 45 Kg/m3, 60 rpm, and at 40% filling, to take processed straw at 7000 Kg/hour. On the first 3 meters of the auger is placed a screen with Ø3,0 mm holes at 180 degree around the auger, in this area is the auger blades running close to the screen to keep the screen self cleaning. A cone collects dust and sand under the screen and fills it into a auger. The collecting auger is dropping the dust out of a hole Ø100 mm above ground level. Consideration should be made to place a bin for bulk handling, ore other under the dust auger outlet.


The dust extraction unit consists of a ø 500/600 mm auger driven by a 3-5 kW gearmotor. The straw falls into the auger and is converyed towards the outlet. On its way, it passes a screen area. Through the screen dust, sand and  silo particles are sucked/falling away by a smaller fan. It can clean up to 7m3/min.

Dust screens

The following replaceable dust screens can be delivered:
The screen size determines the extraction grad.


Code no.:

Dust Screen ø 2,0 mm


Dust Screen ø 2,5 mm


Dust Screen ø 3,0 mm


Dust Screen ø 3,5 mm


When the dust extraction unit is adapted to a plant or in conjuction with a straw shredder and blower, the control box must be converted so, that it starts before the shredder.


The dust extraction unit is supplied without cyclone, filter arrangement and fittings.