The string and twine remover works with all bales from 600 mm and up to 1200 mm height.
The machine is working independent if straw bales come high og low after each other and needs no adjustment between different straw bale types.
A counter sensor and a bale start sensor detect the bales and measures the length of the individual bale for the calculation of sequence start.
This is made for every individual bale thus ensuring that removal of strings are always made in the middle of the bale.

The Sequence:
Simultaneously when the knife is crossing the bale underneath and cut the strings, is the hook bar lowered into position above the bale to take of the strings from the top of the bale.
A bale sensor detects the bale height and ensures correct working height for the hook, every time.
After the knife has cut the string the first time and it goes across to cut the 2nd time, is also activates the hook that collects the strings on the top of the bale directly above the knife and takes the strings to the side of the bale conveyer.

When the hook has crossed over and pulled all strings to the side and in under the winder fork, then the winder fork is lowered down and winds all strings around the fork.
After the winder is done with this, goes the fork up again and the strings/twines fall off at the side of the conveyer at 300 mm distance from the conveyer.
The straw bale on the line is now ready to go into the bale breaker and the conveyer is again activated, at the same time as the fork goes up and hook bar is raised from the bale.
The total sequence time is less than 1 minute from stop conveyer to start conveyer again.


Cormall string remover