Dairy Feeding

Dairy farming / Modern farming

Many modern farmers have invested in auomatic milking parlours to cut down on labour costs, and increase efficiency.

At Cormall we are working alongside these system to reduce labour costs in both the feed preparation area and size of feed passages, thereby increasing
both effciency and number of cows in a bulding.

We have developed oru control system to work with various feed system so that the mixer can be used to feed full automatically.

CCC (Cleanliness with comfort and continuity)

Your dairy cow wants it:
Cleanliness with Comfort and Continuity in return for more and better milk.


Clean and accurate – is how dairy management should be. Keep the feed manger clean and don’t drive on it with a tractor.


Your cow must feel comfortable without the competition and stress over running for fresh food. Frequent automatic feeding can ensure this. With a mobil system you need a 5 metre wide feed passage for the tractor and feeder to pass through, this area is not something your cow enjoy, and for you it is only more space to keep clean. We believe it is better is to use the snarroow feed system and utilise the extra space for more cows instead of having a highway for your tractor.


Automatic feeding system ensures the same amount of feed serveral times a day. Always fresh food in the manger and happier cows.

Chain conveyer / Feed table

The construction for this system was developed early 1960 and originally used for manure handling. It is a simple system and easy ti install. The chain conveyer system is the only active system that will clean itself. For automatic feeding, this system is economical and also the system that can work with the smallest manger with. Group feeding is also possible.

Rubber belt conveyor

This system was developed and sold already in the 1960´s. It has been installed on a lot of larger farms from 500 to 1500 cows. The rubber belt is a reliable system. It keeps the manger area free for driving and working on with other machinery. It can work with longer mangers and can be used for group feeding.


The rail wagon system developed in the 1960´s and was originally only used for distribution of Fodder Beets. It is a flexible system that keeps the manger area free for driving and working on it with other machinery. it is very suitable for farm size up to 700 cows, and a good system for group feeding.