The filter is using compresses air for washing the hoses/filterbags and keeping the clean of dust by blowing air into the filter bags during the process.
The type of material used for the filter bags ensures that the air coming out, contains less than 15 mg per Nm3, this can also be supplied with bags leaving down 5 mg.

The filter can also work as an aspiration filter directly from process and without any cyclone in front of the filter. All processed material is then going into the filter and there are no waste materials.
Special inlet covers around the bags and provides protection of the filter bags. The large material outlet opening in the lower part of the filter is ensuring that build up material will not start bridging inside the filter.

The filter cannot work correct without rotary valve to take out material in the bottom of the filter thus ensuring that vacuum is kept inside the filter.
The filter alo needs a ventilator to create the vacuum.

VENT: the ventilator makes the vacuum inside the filter. The inlet into the ventilator is made with a long cone ensuring high efficiency, without this the loss can be up to 30%.
The filter can be supplied suitable for airflow from 200 m3 and up to 33.000 m3 per hour