The Cormall BCW weighing conveyer makes a weighing of the straw bales and accumulates total weight passing the conveyor. The conveyer is developed to measure consumption and to verify throughput on the line. Length of the conveyor can be 2,5 – 5,0 – 7,5 and 10 meters. the conveyer is placed as last conveyer conveying material into straw process line thus ensuring optimal measurement of production.
The product has been developed for a client who receives subsidy per ton straw used in a biogas plant, with this device they can prove to audit how much straw is used into the biogas plant

The conveyor can also be used for other production purposes – example:
– X Kg/min into straw burning
– X kg/minute into a continuous mixing process (not batch)


Setup of weighing accumulation is working with browser on your PC without using the internet, – this can also be made as a remote reading.
Reeding from program is:
1. Minutely production
2. Hourly production
3. Daily production
4. Total production (cannot be eddited)


All electronic is connected and mountet at the conveyor inside a conection box keeping electric componants fre from straw dust


Special load cells:
The conveyor can be equipped with different quality of load cells:

– 2,5- and 5-meter conveyer is equipped with 4 load cells
– 7,5 meter = 6 load cells and 2 junction boxes
– 10 meter = 8 load cells and 2 junction boxes
– Signal amplifier 24 Volt