Pelletizing of straw is used for purposes such as:

  • Biofuel for small central heating systems in households
  • Biogas: Increasing gas production in biogas plants
  • Bedding for horses: greater absorbency and dust binding
  • Bedding for poultry, absorbency and binding of dust, – the pellet is crushed before use to prevent the hens from cutting between the claws
  • Logistic: reduces transport costs over long distances by raising the density of the straw


All our pelletizing solutions are built according to individual requirements, and we can offer:

Capacity: 200 Kg / h 20,000 Kg / h on a single line
Straw handling: Large bales, round bale, loose straw
Straw types: Wheat, oats, barley, maize, miscanthus… ..
Cords / twine: Automatic removal
Impurities: stone and steel traps
Length: Ø5 – Ø 30 mm milling guard
Quality: Sand separation for longer lifespan on the matrix
Palletization buffer: 30-50 m3 Buffer silo system with mixing function
Return filling: Example – 120% online forward, 20% back in buffer, with up to up to 8 collection points filling into pellet press per line

We have 60 years of experience with straw.