Recycling Rockwool

Rockwool collected at recycling stations, as remnants of house insulation and old houses being rebuilt or demolished, has previously been a problematic waste product. Cormall, in collaboration with a leading renovation company, has developed a method to clean and remove the plastic, after which it can be used to cut the old Rockwool to a size that can be reused as insulation wall cavity.

The material is continuously filled into the machine with a wheel loader or the like without stopping the process, material is simultaneously emptied out of the machine and dosed into the subsequent cutting machine.
The two Ø800 augers transport material up to the top of the machine where the natural fallback of the material makes it possible to fill in the rear of the machine at all time, the machine is filling itself from top down and is always ready to receive more material.
Rockwool is a stone, and not a good lubricant, to accommodate this has Cormall designed the augers so they can be covered with wear plates made of hard Hardox steel
The readymade material can be bulk handled and dumped into a truck or wagon by a wheel loader or similar