The Cormall lite system works in the production range from 100 up to 3000 kg / h with straw.

It is a system based on our SBB 1400 straw ripper and the capacity that this machine can provide. We have further developed this system to reduce energy costs even further, by combining it with our HDH_F mill and a small spot filter with suction fan. This is a type of turbine that works on gravity, but even without the blower rotor inside the machine, an airflow from the impactor rotor is still created, to handle this airflow, it is used in combination with a spot filter which creates the negative air pressure in the same amount as the air produced from the mill.

The system can also work without a mill and feed directly into a straw burner and other similar purposes that do not need the straw to be ground. The system is suitable for applications such as:

  • Feed mills that prepare straw of any length: 5-100 mm screen
  • Bedding material for animal production, loose material or milled, and can also be combined with dust cleaning and extraction
  • Straw biogas production
  • Straw burner: from 500 kW and up to 3000 kW
  • All other biomass-based energy production
  • Manufacture of straw pellets or briquetting of straw