The Cormall Heavy system, works in the production area from 3000 up to 16000 kg / h with straw.

It is a system based on our SBB 1800 straw ripper and the capacity that this machine can provide.

We have further developed a wide range of supplementary products for this system, which makes it possible to process any product for any application / application.

The system is suitable for applications such as:

  • Feed mills that prepare straw of any length: 5-100 mm screen
  • Feed material for animal production, loose material or ground, and can also be combined with dust cleaning and extraction
  • Straw biogas production
  • Straw burner: from 1.000 kW and up to 40.000 kW
  • All other biomass-based energy production
  • Manufacture of straw pellets or briquetting of straw