Cormall has built up experience in project management and delivery since 1961, which today includes plant delivery from the receipt of raw materials into the plant, to the delivery of the finished product in a further process. a project execution may look like below:

  • Budget offer with associated layout sketches / DWG drawings and flow chart
  • Machine descriptions, functions and capacity calculations for correct sizing
  • Customer visits to relevant plants
  • Negotiations and purchase of plant
  • Documentation clarification, final
  • Design and scheduling for:
  1. control panel, cable usage, control algorithms and monitoring
  2. Purchasing and delivery coordination with assembly
  3. Preparation, compilation and delivery of manuals
  4. WHS descriptions for mounting teams (Workers Health and Safety)
  5. Delivery and assembly of all machines and cable assembly
  6. Cold testing of delivery without materials
  7. Start of plant with material and run-in
  8. Training of staff
  9. Delivery of systems with final ToDoo list and as-build drawings
  10. Recommended spare parts and service visits
Projects – Automatic Feeding:

For animal feeding we can offer complete solutions from delivery of feed in silos and bunkers to fully automatic feeding of cattle, horses or sheep:

  • Feed management for all animal groups
  • Individual compound feed for groups
  • Remote access to system and monitoring control system
  • Registration and storage of all data
  • Inventory management
Projects – Feed mill factory:

For actual feed mills, we can offer self-calibrating, fully automatic and continuous mixing systems, for delivery of feed into:

  • bagging machines
  • packaging machinery
  • pill pressing machines
  • briquetting machines
  • Bulk handling
Projects – Straw and biomass plants:

For handling straw and similar products, we can offer complete solutions within capacities from 100 kg per hour up to 16.000 kg per hour on a single line, with a breakdown from dissolved straw bales only and down to 5 mm grinding screening. We can offer and deliver: 

  • Strawbale storage system and automatic placement onto straw handling line
  • Transport conveyer system for strawbales
  • Automatic strawbale string removal
  • Pre-opening straw bales into stamps
  • Dividing and dissolving straw bales
  • Capacity dosing of loose straw
  • Stone trap system before grinding
  • Steel magnets before entering straw mill
  • Milling and grinding the straw
  • Air transport systems 500-35.000 m3 / h
  • Filter systems and rotary valves
  • Dust extraction and cleaning
  • Fragmentation of the separated and/or milled straw
  • Spray treatment of the processed straw
  • Bulk storage of processed straw and dosage metering
  • Soaking straw with water