The mixture of:

Cattle feed, horse feed, complete feed, straw mix peat, potting soil.

For out dose by:

Full feed, straw, shavings, sawdust, etc., to briquettes or pellets, peat moss and potting compost for potting machines.

Cormall chain mixer type is designed for light and dry mixtures, in which peat, chopped straw and fodder subsidies are the most common ingredients.
Cormall chain mixes work with chains and blades as well as a tube mill, which cuts up chunks that might arise by the addition of molasses and other sticky substances.
Blend’s horizontal top plate is suitable for mounting the cyclone inlet, etc. For filling with front loader or tip wagon, opened one or more of the top plate.
Emptying is via a drain auger mixing across the width and discharge rate is determined by Variable spjeld opening.

Cormall chain mixes available in sizes 4, 6 and 8m3.

The low power consumption, KB4 of 3kW, 4kW for Kb6 and 5.5 kW of Kb8 makes inexpensive machine in operation while it has a low noise level.

Homogenous mixture

Chains and lamella together with the tube station a homogeneous mixture free of lumps.


The amply-dimensioned empty snail operated using of a hand wheel and sliding damper. Emptying the feed wagon or bagging.