The dispenser can be used for:

  • Compost
  • Wood chips
  • Pellets, grain, etc.

The tarpaulin cover is made with a quick roll cover in the filling  end for a large, wide and efficient filling compost dispenser200x200
From the user side is the machine made with a high  and wide emptying dimension with a good distance to the vehicle.

The emptying shutter is made with a skid that lowers when it opens thus ensuring maximal free height under the machine when parking the trailer.

A coin automat or card reader can be supplied with a fixed amount  or adjustable with the payment. The weighing system on the machine  ensures a correct payment.

The machine is delivered with a complete control cabinet where fixed  weights and alarms can be set.

The dispenser is delivered with a remote control that can activate the machine without using the coin/card payment system and activate all  other machine functions.