The MTX_B biomass dispenser is filled from the rear of the machine.  The two screws/augers inside the machine transports the material to the top of the machine, where an oppositely directed auger winding and plates pushes the material up into a “molehill”. The diagonal 28 degree angle of the machines ensures a naturally fall back of the biomass material.
The dispenser is originally developed as a mixer and keeps repeating the process as long as the machine is working, and in doing so it also makes the longer straw particles from cow or horse manure smaller in length and soaks the material thus preparing it for the fermenter in the biogas plant.
The diagonal angle with natural fall back from gravity ensures a low energy consumption. The augers can be supplied with multiple cutting knifes that makes the process go quicker and more efficient.

The MTX_B dispenser is suitable for dispensing directly into fermenter or to be used for feeding manure or similar biomass to a wet-mill milling process.
The construction of the machine is designed and made durable, it can be delivered with cover plates of stain and acid free steel, AISI 316L, on the inside of the tub, auger flights and also covered onto the auger pipe.