AP Hansen bust initiation

In 1961, A. P. Hansen founded Cormall in an old chickenhouse in Dybbøl, where he started manufacturing the first Cormall steel plate mill. In the first months, it was A. P. who had to do all the work. The steel plate mill went out of production in 1981, but steel plates are still supplied to it 60 years after the first was sold.

The name CORMALL itself was created as a derivation of corn and milling, which at this time was the only product manufactured.
Times have changed since the time when there were approx. 110,000 active farms in Denmark, a much greater potential than the approx. 8,000 farms left in today’s Denmark. Back then it was more of a seller’s market than it was a buyer’s.

AP Hansen in drawing room

In 1970, the buildings in Dybbøl became too small and there were no expansion opportunities, therefor Cormall moved the production to new premises in the nearby village of Ragebøl, where 1500 m2 of production area was build up. One of the new products taken on the program was a straw mill for grinding straw from small bales, a technique that was completely unknown in Denmark at that time. This gave rise to a further development of feed mixers for whole feed for ruminants, and a new way of thinking about feeding was started. A principle that is now mandatory in all cattle farming and which has resulted in a significantly greater production capacity in milk and meat production.

The structural development of agriculture and products has led to today’s Cormall, which specializes in large industrial plants for fully automatic feeding of cows, horses and sheep, processing of straw and other biomass material for bedding, feed, building materials, district heating, biogas , ethanol, recycling technology and many other purposes.

Steel-plate mill that started it all

In 1987, Cormall began a generational change as AP’s son Peter Hansen after a few years abroad, joined Cormall. At the same time, a new strategy was developed, aiming at globalizing the company. This strategy led to partnership’s in a large number of companies so that Cormall Agro Holding A / S is involved today in many different industries and productions: silo production in South Africa, production of millstones in Ethiopia, agriculture and manufacturing of semi-finished products in Ukraine.
In 1998, Jens Hansen joined Cormall, as managing director of the company in Ragebøl. The products and the business, before the financial crisis in 2008, were primarily aimed at Danish and foreign milk producers. When the financial crisis occurred, there was a need to move quickly to new markets in alternative energy and recycling that ensured continued growth. Today, feeding plants are being produced for dairy farmers, and increasingly industrial applications of the product range, for biomass handling and recycling technologies.

It has been, and always has been, a continuous development and adaptation of the production, the products and the market, which has kept Cormall going throughout all the years.